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Our Story

Our names are Iliana Delgado and Brenda Rivera. Our story, like many entrepreneurial ones, began when we both unexpectedly found ourselves unemployed.

Holding on to our faith, we decided to embrace our situation as an opportunity for a new beginning.  We discussed the things we were passionate about and discovered that we both had a lot in common. 

We both have been married for more than 20 years. We both have two kids, a boy and a girl, and in that order. And as fate would have it, it turns out that about ten years prior we both had pursued jewelry design in our own ways. While I had bought books and sketched various designs, Iliana had actually completed jewelry design studies in New York. 

There is a common thread in the things we like. We are inspired by all things lovely: faith, family, friends, and fashion.

We call our brand Val & Tina Siabella® because at the top of our inspiring list of lovelies are our daughters Valeria "Val" and Cristina "Tina". Both of our sweet girls like simple, classic jewelry that is understated but when layered or paired with other pieces is a new kind of bold. It is simply lovely. 

So, welcome to our journey, Bella.  We hope we can help you find something lovely.

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